Real transformation – genuine, meaningful change for the better – is easy to talk about, but much more difficult to produce. At OSF HealthCare, it starts with the understanding that we cannot accomplish transformation in health care alone. We need the partnership of our patients, our communities, agencies and even other health care organizations. We need our Mission Partners to feel empowered to identify new and better ways to deliver care and promote wellness. And we need to constantly ask God to walk with us on the journey, as we have for the past 140 years.

In this portion of the keepsake Annual Report from the past year of our Ministry, I invite you to explore some of the ways OSF HealthCare is transforming health care in bold and promising ways, and some of the results of those transformative efforts.

All of our quality efforts, our partnerships and the results of our dedication to transformative health care are for one singular purpose that we hold dear: To improve the lives of those we serve.

Sister Diane Marie, O.S.F.