From Streator to Escanaba, OSF HealthCare continued to grow in 2016 with nine new medical practice integrations and several important expansions of service areas. But this wasn’t simply growth for the sake of growth: OSF always keeps the focus on putting patients first by expanding capacity to take care of communities in need of vital health care services.

This patient-focused growth last year included welcoming an orthopedics practice in Peoria into the OSF family, expanding primary care opportunities in Tremont and moving forward with a center for health in Streator that includes a free-standing emergency center. In each and every integration, OSF HealthCare helps communities grow in place while elevating population health and individual needs to serve with the greatest care and love.

OSF HealthCare had the honor of welcoming St. Mary’s Hospital in Streator, Illinois, to our family in January 2016. The new OSF Center for Health – Streator was formerly operated by the Springfield-based Hospital Sisters Health System and functioned as a 90-bed inpatient hospital.

Due to the decline of St. Mary’s patient census, OSF HealthCare was asked to assume responsibility for providing outpatient services.
This transition required decisions to be made, including how to keep emergency services available in Streator, whether the existing facility would remain at 111 Spring St. and the future state of the care model. Additionally, OSF sought to understand the preferences and opinions of Streator city officials, the community and caregivers of the former St. Mary’s facility. This enabled OSF to make the most educated, impactful decisions possible.

Access to emergency services was critical to the Streator-area community as the nearest emergency department was at OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa – 20 miles north of Streator.
In February 2016, OSF Center for Health – Streator was granted unanimous approval from the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review board to establish a freestanding emergency center. The OSF Center for Health – Streator Emergency Center officially opened in August 2016, following licensure by the Illinois Department of Public Health – one of only a few freestanding emergency centers in the state of Illinois.

Upgrading from an around-the-clock urgent care to a freestanding emergency center added to the array of patient services offered, including laboratory, diagnostic imaging, outpatient procedures and rehabilitation services.

OSF HealthCare also had to determine if OSF Center for Health – Streator would remain at its original location at 111 Spring St. or if they would build a new outpatient center.

OSF expected to find that a new facility would be a more efficient way to serve the community’s needs, as they anticipated using only three of the building’s six available floors. Additionally, a new facility seemed more appropriate for implementing new technology and supporting the way health care will be delivered in the future.

However, research showed OSF could best serve the community by staying at its original location on Spring Street.

The facility will be remodeled and provide residents with an innovative health care model where outpatient medical services and community programs that promote better health and wellness are centrally located. The renovations will require a comparable investment to building a new facility, but in this way, more of that investment will directly impact patient care.
As health care continues to evolve, OSF HealthCare believes it’s important to evolve with it. Our vision extends beyond traditional medical care to broadly impact the overall health and wellness of the Streator community. Our model is person-centric, highly customized and based upon the needs of the individual.

We are meeting community needs in an expanded capacity through extended care teams, technology and innovation and shared ancillary services such as nutrition and weight management. We believe in lowering costs and improving access and are doing this by providing care within the community, the home and an integrated network.
As OSF Center for Health – Streator continues to evolve, OSF HealthCare sees an optimistic and prosperous future for the facility and community.

In July 2016, OSF HealthCare was able to strengthen and expand orthopedic services to the greater Peoria area by fully integrating Great Plains Orthopaedics. Having been longtime partners, the two health care providers joined forces and formed OSF Orthopedics.

The new affiliation will allow for the expansion of regional orthopedic services and create greater access for patients, as well as ensure clinical excellence and the adoption of new techniques to enhance patient care, according to Tracy Pogue, vice president of Ambulatory Development and Patient Practice.

“Our partnership was a natural fit since we’ve worked so closely together in the past,” Pogue said. “Our patients will be the winners because this partnership will also provide for better patient outcomes with our other medical group physicians and hospitals.”

In order to meet this goal, OSF Orthopedics provides a specially trained staff who work collaboratively with our patients and their primary care physicians throughout the continuum of their care. The orthopedic team consists of surgeons, doctors, physician assistants and professional clinical staff who can treat a full range of orthopedic conditions.

By aligning with OSF HealthCare, Great Plains Orthopaedics can now offer additional services, including OSF MyChart. Additionally, all patient orthopedic medical records will now be part of the OSF electronic medical records system – Epic. The necessary information about a patient’s health condition is available to physicians at all points of care with OSF HealthCare.

Janet Smith, vice president of Orthopedic Systems of Care, says the newly formed OSF Orthopedics will give Mission Partners the ability to grow and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of health care.

“Through our dedication to innovation, technology and the pursuit of best practices, OSF Orthopedics is able to commit to the next generation of health care professionals, providing them with the research and training opportunities they will need to thrive,” Smith said. “Now more than ever, it is imperative for health care professionals to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology – both clinical and non-clinical.

“Ultimately, our partnership is part of our drive and commitment to not only achieve our Key Results, but live our Mission of serving with the greatest care and love.”

Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center began providing complimentary services for people in the Rockford community who have cancer in 2009. In early 2016, the center began looking for a partner to ensure those services could continue to be offered. OSF HealthCare became that partner.

The two organizations joined forces to ensure vital services including education, integrative therapies, nutrition classes, exercise programs, networking, and support remain available at no cost to residents of Rockford and surrounding communities for individuals affected by cancer. The center became known as OSF Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center.

“We are pleased to extend our Ministry and provide competent, compassionate support when it’s needed most,” said Karen Brown, Vice President of Operations at Rockford-based OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center.

Guests do not need to be patients of OSF HealthCare to receive services at OSF Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center. “We encourage and welcome all persons who could benefit from this type of service, regardless of where they are in their treatment journey or the institution where they have elected to receive their medical treatment. This is a community service.”

OSF HealthCare has long been a leader in providing state-of-the-art cancer care to the local community. Its strong commitment to care for the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of all patients align with the mission of Healing Pathways.

“The addition of Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center further enables our Ministry to deliver on our promise of providing the highest level of cancer care and supportive services to cancer patients in our community,” Karen Brown said.