Last year at OSF HealthCare, our big dreams of redesigning and improving care at our primary care practices began to take shape.

We engaged Mission Partners from across the Ministry to help design a plan to provide better, more coordinated care. That plan called for the creation of Care Teams to provide more levels of care to patients by including more roles, such as social workers, behavioral health providers and nurse clinics. The patient-centric plan addresses routine and preventive health needs before a patient’s visit so the patient’s time with their provider can be their time.

In 2016, we began putting in place the new model, transforming care across the Ministry. The Care Team approach was implemented at the first site – OSF HealthCare Medical Group – College Avenue in Bloomington, Illinois.

In 2017, our commitment to provide patients a better health care experience will continue as more and more locations embrace the Care Team approach until it just becomes the way we do things cross the entire Ministry.

Watch below to learn how one nurse found her spark again through our transformed care model.