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Thank you for visiting our 2014 Annual Report. Reflecting on a blessed year, we are thankful that God has given us so many wonderful gifts – gifts we can share with our communities to help improve the lives of those we serve. That is what this year’s report focuses on. Here you’ll find just a few of the many ways our Ministry is reaching out into our neighborhoods. Finding new ways to share God’s Grace, and meeting not only the health needs of our communities, but their spiritual needs as well. I hope you enjoy these stories. May God bless each and every one of you.
Pax et Bonum,

Sister Judith Ann Duvall, O.S.F.
Chairperson, OSF HealthCare

Shaping the Future of Health
Care for our Communities

OSF HealthCare is pleased to be taking a proactive approach to ensuring high quality health care with the best outcomes for all the people in the communities where we serve. To achieve the best health care for our patients, we’ve embraced the advances in medicine and the focus on coordinating care for the ease of our patients and their families. In 2014, we welcomed OSF Saint Luke Medical Center, Kewanee, IL, to our OSF family and added seven new care locations including OSF Medical Group, Prompt Care, and Home and Hospice care sites to provide community members with the right care at the right time in the right location.

Embracing the many changes and complex world of health care today is all about putting the person at the center of their care. Through collaboration among health care providers and community services we are improving the health status of those who live in the neighborhoods OSF HealthCare serves. We are proud of our leadership in the evolution of health care both nationally and locally. Our Vision at OSF HealthCare is to transform health care to improve the lives of those we serve. The more than 17,000 Mission Partners at OSF are dedicated to this forward thinking approach to ensure together we are creating healthier communities.

Kevin Schoeplein
CEO, OSF HealthCare System



Health Care's Future


Better Access to Health




Mental Health


Healthy Behaviors


Substance Abuse

  • Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center


    Open for little more than two years now, the OSF HealthCare collaboration with Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center and the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP) is already launching internationally recognized advances in education, research and innovation. Dedicated to “improving outcomes and lowering health care costs,” Jump’s simulation-focused vision is leading the transformation of health care worldwide – and expanding how our Mission to provide the greatest care and love will take shape in the future.

  • Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center


    A revolutionary new program called Jump ARCHES (Jump Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation) is bringing together OSF HealthCare and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Engineering to stimulate the advancement of health care.

    In collaboration with OSF clinicians and UICOMP engineers, ARCHES is focusing on clinical simulation technologies and techniques and their impact on patient care.

    ARCHES will create new tools using imaging, health information technology, novel materials and human factors. These tools will enhance medical simulation and education at facilities like Jump, and provide new techniques and devices for clinical use and treatment.

  • Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center


    Jump and OSF HealthCare joined leaders of more than 50 health IT, medical device, diagnostic and biopharma startup companies to open MATTER Chicago in February. MATTER is a not-for-profit innovation incubator designed to create collaboration between entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are passionate about creating products and services that advance health care.

    Jump’s role is to lead the development and operation of health care simulation space in the Chicago-based incubator. OSF will get a first-hand look at new technologies. AND entrepreneurs will have valuable access to our wide breadth of health care experts, both inside and outside the clinical space. These innovations can then be brought back to Jump for further refinements or be deployed throughout the OSF HealthCare Ministry to benefit our patients.

  • Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center


    Learning with Dr. Matthew Bramlet of Children’s Hospital of Illinois, Jump is using 3D printing technology to create exact replicas of children’s hearts. The intricate models are used mostly for surgical planning, but Jump has a longer-range plan - to create a library resource that surgeons worldwide can access. The library will make it possible for a physician to physically hold an exact 3D model by hand, giving them a vastly clearer understanding of a patient’s heart & how to treat it. Jump hopes to leverage its 3D modeling resources to create other medical or anatomical libraries that are accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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  • OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

    Putting More
    Faith Into Healing

    One of the many ways we extend our Ministry out into our communities is through the OSF Faith Community Nursing program. It’s a unique partnership between two healing entities – our hospitals and the faith community. Faith community nurses partner with clergy and health care organizations to advocate for the health and well-being of church congregations. The program focuses on preventative health care, showing members how to lead healthier lives through education, screenings and referrals to community resources. This year, eight new Faith community nurses completed their training and have joined the program, enabling us to reach more brothers and sisters of faith.

  • OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

    Giving Assurance
    Through Insurance

    The more we can insure, the more we can assure a healthier future for our communities. That’s what drove the OSF Saint Anthony campaign to help enroll eligible Illinois residents into state insurance plans, as part of an Affordable Care Act initiative. The center dedicated two in-person counselors/navigators to conduct nearly 60 community information sessions for more than 5,500 people. That – and 2,900 phone calls and 200 emails – helped OSF Saint Anthony lead the region by enrolling 894 residents for Medicaid and 204 people for marketplace coverage.

  • OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

    Taking The Risk
    Out Of Diabetes

    As diabetes continues to rise nationwide, OSF Saint Francis is taking steps to make sure that these incidents don’t increase additional health risks, such as heart disease, vision/circulatory problems and avoidable hospital admissions. Through active community outreach programs, screenings and targeted weight loss programs, OSF Saint Francis is helping more people control their disease and avoid needless complications.

  • OSF Home Care Services


    OSF Home Care Services worked with doctors and sleep laboratories to lessen the time between diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. The division now embeds a respiratory therapist at the majority of sleep study centers within the OSF network to discuss CPAP equipment options. In the past, equipment referrals and setup could take up to seven days. Now, patients are walking out of the office with the equipment they need to sleep better, which results in a lower risk of workplace mistakes and car accidents.

  • OSF Medical Group & OSF Saint James
    – John W. Albrecht Medical Center

    Fueling New Ways
    To Get Kids Moving

    OSF Saint James and OSF Medical Group are leveraging new partnerships to inspire local kids to exercise more. Both Ministries teamed up with an area elementary school for a Fuel Up to Play 60 program. The day-long event, which combines nutrition (Fuel Up) and physical fitness (Play 60), was funded by a $3,300 grant the school received. More than 250 students and parents rotated among stations manned by OSF HealthCare professionals and participated in games, contests and health demonstrations. OSF Saint James also donated $325 for the purchase of five Go-Fit heart monitors so students can track their fitness progress.

  • OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

    Growing Better

    Bloomington-Normal needs more access to nutritious fruits and vegetables. That was one takeaway from the area’s most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). In response, OSF St. Joseph decided to get dirty. They partnered with Home Sweet Home Ministries – a local full-service homeless shelter – to create a vegetable garden for their patrons. Home Sweet Home serves more than 400 people a day – folks who can now enjoy green beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, carrots and cabbage from the OSF Community Garden. The garden is located on the OSF St. Joseph campus and cared for by OSF employees and volunteers.

  • OSF St. Mary Medical Center

    Rewarding Healthy

    That was the idea behind Commit2Fit, an 8-week weight loss competition that awarded prizes every week to people practicing healthy behaviors. OSF St. Mary partnered with the local YMCA & Hy-Vee to provide diet and exercise tips during the competition as well as nutrition classes. OSF also monitored the program with the help of its community educator and dietitian. Teams had to meet specific fitness challenges to win prizes. Their successes were posted on the Commit2Fit Facebook page. The event helped more than 200 people begin enjoying the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

  • OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center


    Making national headlines in 2012, Rockford ranked fourth in the “Top Ten Fattest Towns in America.” OSF Saint Anthony is out to change that with their participation in Transform Rockford. Started by a local businessman a year ago, the initiative recruits Rockford leaders to work together in developing strategic plans to dramatically improve the social and economic well-being of the city. OSF Saint Anthony health leaders have been lending their expertise and resources to implement smart plans to target obesity, tackle violence mitigation and promote healthy behaviors.

  • OSF Holy Family Medical Center

    Building New
    Bridges To
    Mental Health

    All too often, mental health issues remain in the shadows. They often go unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated. OSF Holy Family is tackling the problem head-on, through a new partnership with Bridgeway, a regional mental health services provider. By using telehealth video-conferencing, OSF emergency department personnel can connect directly – in real time – with Bridgeway counselors to help diagnose patients in the emergency department who may be suffering from mental issues. The partnership promises to connect more patients, more quickly, with the counseling services they need.

  • OSF St. Mary Medical Center

    A Time To Talk

    An issue that is not talked about openly in today's society is suicide. The people of OSF St. Mary think that should change and one way they’re changing it is with a free community awareness forum called Suicide Talk. The forum focuses on one penetrating question: Should we talk about suicide? By dealing openly with suicide stigmas, local participants are learning how to protect, preserve and promote life in a suicide-safe community.

  • OSF Saint James—John W. Albrecht
    Medical Center & OSF Medical Group


    In 2011, OSF, as part of the Livingston County Children's Network, and the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) began an expansive new experiment to locate IHR mental health counselors within OSF Medical Group practices. The idea was to create easier, more convenient patient access to IHR counselors. After securing funding from the Livingston County Mental Health Board, IHR began providing a single counselor to the Chatworth clinic for four hours every Wednesday. Today, that placement of IHR psychologists has expanded to four other OSF Medical Group clinics. The collaboration is increasing access, decreasing barriers and reducing the stigma often associated with psychological consultation.

  • OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center


    Since the state-operated Singer Mental Health Center closed two years ago, Rockford area residents seeking care and guidance have been pretty much on their own. Not knowing where to go, an increasing percentage of them regularly seek help from local hospital emergency rooms. Understanding its responsibility to these patients, OSF Saint Anthony did something about it. Through a partnership with Rosecrance –a locally-based behavioral health services organization – the medical center can now contact standby Rosecrance case managers to come to the emergency department during certain evening and late-night shifts, giving patients more direct access to the mental health experts they need.

  • OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

    Celebrating a
    Healthier Day

    In a grassroots campaign to spread a message of wellness, OSF Saint Francis deployed volunteer OSF Street Teams into the community throughout 2014. The OSF volunteers made a variety of public appearances at local events, passing out random healthy surprises and wellness information. OSF Saint Francis also partnered with Peoria’s RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center to sponsor initiatives to activate the community on health improvement activities such as Wellness on the Run, medical exercise, and pulmonary, cardiac and physical rehabilitation. The movement is designed to help people engage in their well-being and avoid preventable medical problems.

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  • OSF Saint James—John W. Albrecht Medical Center

    New Channels To
    Help New Parents

    Cable companies aren’t the only ones adding new channels to their lineup. OSF Saint James has added The Newborn Channel to its in-room broadcasting programs. The Newborn Channel provides information and instruction to new mothers in the hospital following delivery, and includes an extensive variety of online material and videos through its website. Parents are given an access code by their provider or a member of the Family Birthing Center staff. By supplementing traditional prenatal and postnatal education with online and television content, OSF Saint James is making educational access more desirable and effective for today’s parents.

  • OSF Saint Francis Medical Center & Children’s Hospital of Illinois

    The Art Of Kicking
    Bad Habits

    Kathi Copelen wants more people to understand cancer, and as the OSF Lung Cancer Coordinator, she’s imagining new ways to do that. To help kids understand the dangers of smoking, she created a Kick Butts art contest for school kids, where kids designed posters depicting the dangers of smoking. And to encourage cancer screenings and testing, she organized her fourth annual “Party for a Purpose” on the Peoria Riverfront. The free event featured door prizes, face painting and a performance by The West MacQueen Street band. The evening was capped off with a ‘Shine the Light on Cancer’ awareness vigil.

  • OSF Holy Family Medical Center

    Reading The Signs

    A new grant is helping OSF Holy Family diagnose diabetes earlier, before the disease becomes problematic. Thanks to a Hemaglobin A1C analyzer, OSF teams are now able to go out into the community and conduct quick and easy screenings to identify possible diabetes concerns, even those that are unknown or uncontrolled. Patients with abnormal results are quickly referred to diabetes specialists. So far, the teams have screened more than 255 people, about one-third of whom have tested abnormal. OSF Holy Family also initiated a variety of diabetes support classes, an educational program and community label-reading classes to help shoppers better understand food labels and make healthy choices.

  • OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

    Educating Teens On
    Underage Drinking

    To show McLean County teens the dangers of underage drinking, OSF St. Joseph teamed up with Bloomington High School to produce a powerful new video. Distributed to local schools and teen-focused community programs, the video is intended to help students understand how they can make good decisions and avoid lasting bodily damage by changing the social norm of underage drinking.

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  • OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

    Community Guide

    The numbers are staggering, but that isn’t stopping OSF Saint Elizabeth from stepping up efforts to impact substance abuse in LaSalle County. Their new community guide is helping. The guide includes a comprehensive list of adult and adolescent substance abuse resources – like Celebrate Recovery – for 15 Illinois counties. Distributed to behavioral health professionals throughout the region, the guide is also available to the entire OSF Ministry via the OSF intranet.

  • OSF Saint James—John W. Albrecht Medical Center

    Tobacco Quit Line

    For Livingston County residents, a recent assessment revealed gloomy results. It showed that 29 percent of the county smoked, and that smoking among the county’s youth exceeded state averages. Fortunately, thanks to efforts by OSF Saint James and OSF Medical Group, more people are finding out about the Illinois Tobacco Quitline, a free resource for tobacco users who want to quit for good. Through endorsements and distribution of information, OSF helped drive 135 Livingston County residents to the Quitline, which provides free access to registered nurses, respiratory therapists and certified tobacco-treatment counselors seven days a week.

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